Monday, February 4, 2013

SF Players Sucked Into It Gets Better

Well now has the great glory hole Dan Savage made a faux paux with his It Gets Better campaign.

The other day it was widely announced that his holiness had pulled an It Gets Better video made by the San Francisco 49ers.

Myself and probably many others figured it was because of what this fool had to say about gays in the NFL.

But it appears the reason was because two SF players denied making a video in favor of LGBTs.

Ahmad Brooks and Issac Sopoaga both said they hadn't made a video to help those in the closet, particularly young folks, to accept themselves and as those who see life through rose tinted glasses expressing that things will get better despite their sexuality.

So the question is were these two football players duped into making a video about LGBTs when they thought it was about anti-bullying in general ?

As Ricky Ricardo use to say, "Lucy you've got some esplaining to do".

Good going Savage, your campaign just lost a whole bunch of credibility.

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