Friday, January 27, 2012

The Need To Find de Queerness

I was checking out my friend and fellow blogger Michael-in-Norfolk and when reading this posting it made my eyebrows rise up like Mr. Spock's (they actually do without realizing it as has been pointed out by people for years and when I'm perplexed by dumbasterey).

Not that I'm picking on my friend but the fella he copy/pastes a "film critic" at Towelhead .. uh sorry Towleroad and how said critic points out that the 1927 movie Wings has homoerotic moments.

Nathaniel Rogers the "film critic" in question finds several reasons for finding queerness in the movie which was the first film given the Academy Award for Best Picture.

The use in "dialog" of "you've got game" and "powder puff guys" but most of all because of the clip below. Has Rogers never had such a close friendship with another man that when that man is dying he would overtly embrace and give his dying friend a kiss. Or are all of his "friendships" more relationships and sexual in nature ?

I have and if I had been at the home of my best friend, soul-mate and as close to having a brother without being one when he had a massive coronary and died going on six years now I most likely would have reacted much the same way as depicted in the film clip.

Are people like Rogers and others so desperate and frankly pathetic, to find queerness in things ? If the point was just being made that this was "the first kiss" of one man to another in a film that would be fine. But to automatically make the scene one of de gay and as Michael compares it to Brokeback Mountain, for this writer it's a stretch and a very long one at that.

Shit if that's the case as de BI in the room then I'll look at the photo in this posting and shout out for y'all to hear ... LOOK Wings is about Bisexuals !

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