Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maddow Serves After Debate Drinks

There were two things sadly missing in last evening's debate.

Audience participation and POTUS.

And the talking heads at MSNBC had to lick their liberal wounds as their dog in the fight acted like a Chihuahua with its tail tucked between its legs going up against a Great Dane.

And don't ya know some in the LGBT kingdom (particularly on FB) were complaining about no discussion of all things LGBT, although Obama did mention DADT once that I caught.

Um ... I guess they (the complainers) didn't pay attention to the format and topics which were to be discussed.

Sorry fellow Pinkies, the world and the US doesn't revolve around us in spite of what the Elites tell you.

So it is I'm sure they passed around a bottle or two at MSNBC when the debate was over and the after sparring talking head session came to a close.

As my Dad told me about when he was stationed in England while in the Air Force and when finding out the 70 odd acres of the Evans Homestead was being sold, he went to a pub and got politely pissed (drunk as we say on this side of the pond).

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