Sunday, September 16, 2012

M to Donkey OK ... M 2 M Not So OK

As this is Sunday perhaps I better go to church after this posting.

So it is down under in Aussieland the Australian Classification Board approved the viewing of a documentary about bestiality in particular in Columbia where it seems for some to be a right of passage to screw a donkey to gain sexual experience and among other things "prevent homosexuality".

You can close your mouth now.

Please someone pass the smelling salts to that fella over there who just fell out of his chair.

The odd thing about this (only one ???) is that two years ago the same board refused to grant a certificate to a documentary about gay men as it showed scenes of men .. well you know.

However it appears it is okay to show males having sex with de donkey.

After you watch the video of the documentary .. presuming you're still breathing you can read all about this homophobic silliness and pro-screw the pooch mentality of the Australian Certification Board.

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