Monday, February 18, 2013

Danica Patrick Wins Pole For 500

This year instead of boggedy boggedy it will be boo-de-aye boo-de-aye as former IRL racer Danica Patrick with the help of her team owned by Tony Stewart captured the pole for this year's running of the Daytona 500.

Of course the emphasis has been on her being the first woman in history to do it, it was enviable that if not Patrick, another woman would eventually get the cherished starting position.

Daytona 500 history is against Patrick as few who start on the pole end up winning the "Super Bowl" of NASCAR.

Patrick vilified by some but loved by many fans has pretty much shut up the nay-sayers when she made her switch from the IRL to the most popular, at least in the US, auto racing venue NASCAR.

So what does all this have to do with all things LGBT ?

To the surprise of some auto racing isn't just for de straight anymore and hasn't been for sometime.

So much so there is a website of several years devoted to de gay and the love of auto racing.

Queers4Gears was started in 2009 by Michael T. Myers and is the go to place for all things racing on wheels. Back in 2010 I guest hosted on the BlogTalkRadio program Gay Agenda with host James Hipps when we interviewed Myers and talked about his website. After several minutes of Hipps going through his regular diatribe of sometimes nonsense, Myers and I got down to business talking about NASCAR and all things racing. I pretty much took over the rest of the 60 minutes long program having covered the Bob Sharp Racing Team back in the 70's when Paul Newman and Sam Posey were the featured drivers. You can listen to that interview by going here.

So congrats to Danica Patrick. Will she get another place in NASCAR history with a win, or as so many pole sitters have done in the past, fall back and watch the rest of the pack go by for much of the race ?

If Tony Stewart has anything to do with it he'll be pushing Patrick to the front and her crew will keep her car in tip-top shape for the 500 miler while she hopefully avoids wrecks.

This will be one race to watch which is already one for the books.

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