Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Horror Story's Special Lady

Well I guess it takes a pretty woman to bring me out of blogging retirement and introduce to you, if you haven't already met one of the "stars" of the new season of American Horror Story.

In the new run of AHS titled Freak Show there is this rather tall gal who towers over everyone in the cast and whose rather homely look hides more than the real beauty beneath but also her very nature of being a woman.

Erika Ervin also know as Amazon Eve in the modeling world stands well over 6 feet tall and has in this writer's opinion legs which just never stop.

Ervin who is also a fitness trainer began life in Turlock, CA as William and transitioned from male to female in 2004. She appeared in the TV show Funny or Die in 2011, Family Tools in 2013 and the Netflix series Hemlock Grove also in 2013. Now she plays one of a group of performers with special attributes in AHS because of her "less than natural" height.

It's not often a trans person has been cast in film or TV and it's refreshing to see that FX and the producers of AHS are "pushing the envelope" by casting Ervin. It will be interesting to see what the overall public reaction will be as folks find out that this gorgeous she was once a he. Hopefully we have come along far enough to see an actress other than what those with narrow minds would call "a freak".

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ian Thorpe Has Come OUT of The Pool

Unless you've been living under a rock this past weekend you know in an exclusive Aussie TV interview Olympic Gold Medalist Ian Thorpe came out.

Praise and niceties were the word of the day in congratulating Thorpe but that didn't last long as now of course as always there are those who fault him for staying in the closet in the first place or taking so long to exit.

How many times (too many for me to remember) in the many years I have written on this blog in its various forms and in my way of being a "protector", that those who find fault need to shut up and understand the old saying "walk a mile in my shoes".

No one is required to be on someone else's time frame as to when and if they come out particularly when one in the public eye.

I've oft said it's not what one needs to fear from straight folk in their opine but those within the LGB community and that is the shame of it.

So Ian I say this ... screw what everyone else thinks and has to say ... be happy and Welcome Home Ian Thorpe ... Welcome Home.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The War Of The Cis .. Same Old Shis

It's been well over a year since I've embarked on a writing mostly because for the LG&B things have progressed along nicely for the most part.

I've very much become a backseat observer rather than writing commentary, after all, these days there isn't much negativity to write about as has been in the past and those who write, correction, cut and paste, who I have oft made example of I don't even read any longer as they sucked way too many net minutes out of my life in the past.

However one thing hasn't changed over this time, just as predictable as the monthly red tide, the man who would be woman and vice-versa continue their divisive war against the Cis ... their silly asinine term not mine .. which lends itself not to make allies from the LG&B.

Nothing more to be written about it for today .. same old same old Cis shit.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#POTUS Pimps Out Mrs. For Gay $$$

For $1,250 to $32,400 you'll get to spend part of this evening with Mrs. POTUS as the LGBT Elite of New York City gather on hotey-totey Park Ave for a National Democratic Committee fundraiser.

Not to many years ago the LGBTs were screaming that the Gay ATM was closed as they threw their idol Barack Obama under the bus for not acting quickly enough, or not at all on LGBT issues.

My my how quickly they forget.

Well of course all is forgiven what with upending DADT and POTUS coming out in support of gay marriage.

Amazing how the LGBT Elite can be as fickle about throwing their money around as they are in selecting which color tie to wear.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

If You're Celibate You Can Donate

Two years ago when I had my second operation to repair my severely damaged hip due to a car accident not only did the surgery go unexpectedly long but I loss a considerable amount of blood.

That afternoon/night back in my room I was given two units of blood.

Not once did I think or worry about the blood what with the testing for a variety of things including HIV.

In the US gay men are still barred from donating blood.

But Canada has just lifted its ban but with a catch.

You need to have not had sex with another man for five years.

Now how they will enforce this rule is beyond me.

Will Big Brother now monitor gays through all seeing eyes and keep tabs on their sex lives ?

And what about women ?

They can contract AIDS/HIV as easily as men can but no one talks about banning them from donating blood.

Gay and bisexual men continue to be the scapegoats in polluting the much needed donated blood supply.

As I wrote I didn't give it a thought when I needed the blood, nor would I have if gay and bisexual men were allowed to donate. Obviously I needed the blood .... end of conversation.

Monday, May 13, 2013

When You Think It's Getting Better ...

Things seemed to being going along pretty good.

Same-Sex Marriage passing here and there.

An NBA player coming out, more and more in support and acceptance of LGBTs and then the curtain is pulled back to show that homophobia is still with us and becoming more brutal and deadly.

Trans being killed in Brazil, two incidents of gay bashing in New York City and the brutal murder of a gay man in Russia.

Just when we were kidding ourselves into a comfort zone of acceptability the stark reality of what still is smacks us aside the head and we realize there is still danger in being who and what we are.

Should we retreat back into the closet, of course not we have come to far for that.

But we need to be made more aware and that is where the LGBT press needs to stand up and take accountability. We need more coverage of hate crimes, not less. Bloggers and the LGBT press instead of covering over and over ad nauseum what politicos and the likes of NOM are saying needs to be replaced with bringing to the forefront the crimes against us. The Gay Mafia needs to go after and press authorities to bring justice for those who have been affected rather than silly campaigns against media for the improper use of descriptions or a tongue-in-cheek slight.

It's fine to have these "feel good" stories on websites but it's more important to report, or at the very least, cut/paste articles of violence against LGBTs both here and around the world.

To not do so lulls us into a venerable comfort zone instead of reporting the shocking truth no matter how scarce in this day and age. But then it may not be as scarce as the LGBT press would have us believe with their tinsel choice of articles.

You want to be labeled as "press" then do your job. Report the ugly truth not just the tantalizing body shots to get reader counts and ad clicks up.

You have accepted the job of being journalists, then do it, and not just by cut/paste. Make phone calls, get out on the streets and get answers to questions. Anyone can sit anywhere as this blogger does and highlight a news event. But I'm not paid to do so as I'm a casual writer of opinion.

If you are not up to the task then fold your tents and shutdown your websites.