Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anita Bryant Galvanized A Movement

There she was in all her bible thumping glory in the late 70's fighting against homosexuality using every venue at her disposal to show the Evil of de gay.

Anita Bryant though unwittingly became the "best friend" we as a community could have had.

To say that her resounding anti-gay bigotry backfired on her is certainly an understatement.

Once the Queen of orange juice and a popular singer all came crashing down in flames when she lost everything except her contemptible hated filled stance on gays.

There have been many incidents and people against LGBTs who have brought a call to action to protect this community but none more significant in her time than Anita Bryant.

For that we owe her thanks and gratitude in showing how the haters won't defeat us .. ever. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marriage Equality 101 For de Straights

For those who have not been following Marriage Equality all these years and who may believe that this somehow infringes on you let me explain it all in as a short and concise way as I can.

It goes far beyond marrying the one of your loving and for the "sake of" Equality. Prior to Friday not being able to get married brings a host of problems for gays and lesbians. Tax benefits (both filing and receiving) .. in some cases not be able to visit or making decisions on behalf of an ill partner .. are just a couple of things. You who are straight look at all things your marriage affords you, that's all gays and lesbians are looking for with Marriage Equality.

Despite what the anti-gay muck rakers have and will say it's not about forcing a particular church or synagogue or mosque to perform a ceremony of joining two people which goes against the "spiritual" beliefs of the "host" of a particular place of worship. There will be more willing than unwilling to perform the ceremony.

This will not make your marriage any less valuable than it was on Thursday nor will it make it more superior. It will however afford many who until Friday could not have the same "spiritial", legal and economics rights as you have had for so long. More importantly with Marriage Equality those rights which you so enjoy and probably don't even give a second thought to will now no longer end at the "state-line".

This isn't the second coming of Black Rights, the defeat of miscegenation nor Rowe v Wade. This is a wholly seperate circumstance of rights for citizens of the United States to be equal not only in the eyes of God but by the very Country they live in where now no one individual nor state can say otherwise.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boston PD Has Gotten A Bit Prouder

In this day and age of finding fault with police officers, granted rightfully so in some cases, how refreshing to come across this story from Boston.

James Moccia and Shawn Maclver graduated from the Boston Police Academy on June 17.

The two friends met five years ago while both were working security at a bar. Moccia who has a degree in fashion told WBZ-TV in Boston that even though he and Maclver had dreamed of joining the police department Moccia said he put it on the back burner until he was in his 30's and until the time was right for a career given the obstacles for some.

At the graduation ceremony Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said "there's a seat for everyone at the table ... the more diverse we are the stronger we can be". Why would Evans make such remarks you may ask.

Did I mention Moccia and Maclver are more than friends, they are an openly gay couple and Boston Proud.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Game Over For Michael Sam Perhaps

"If he doesn't come back, I would think football's over for him" says Jim Popp the General Manager of the CFL's Alouettes in an interview with the Montreal Gazette after Sam left training camp on Friday June 12.

According to the interview Sam asked permission to return home for "personal reasons'. Sam's agent Joe Barkett so far is providing no insight nor does Sam's Twitter account at the time of this writing as to what exactly is going on.

Sam of course became a sensation as an OUT football player giving great hope for many to put a face on sports players who are LGB but otherwise for various reasons need to stay in the closet.

But with that fame comes a confluence of unwanted spotlight for the teams involved. There was much consternation when Sam was to be interviewed by Oprah and then his participation on the ABC-TV show Dancing With The Stars.

It's been said that Sam wants to play football, well if that is true he needs to do so full-time as a player and not get into other distractions of hoofing around a TV studio and sitting down for one of those "The Interview". There will be plenty of time for that later after a career in football.

What he needs to do while he is away from camp is have some deep down soul-searching and ask himself "do I want to play football" or "live off my gay celebrity". Obviously he can't do both at the same time nor should he at the expense of which ever team he plays for.
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