Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeff Lewis GLAAD Is Over Sensitive

Ah another voice of common sense has spoken.

Jeff Lewis of the Bravo shows Flipping Out and Interior Therapy was threaten by GLAAD if he did not apologize for his description of a transgendered person as a he/she and crack addict they would "disassociate" him from the org.

Lewis refused and he was booted from the often overbearing and zealous "how dare you" group and "protector" of all things gay.

This happened in 2011 but is making the rounds again thanks to an interview Lewis did with Larry King.

In the rehash article from On Top magazine, Lewis is quoted as saying towards the end of the interview with King, and just like the smell of napalm in the morning I love this, “I feel like some people are unnecessarily attacked by GLAAD. And I think they're a bit overdramatic and oversensitive. And I think that alienates people. And I think that negates the cause.”
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