Monday, January 23, 2012

UK Gay News Founder Retires

It's going on 5 AM and I was doing one last go round of "favorites" news sources before heading to bed, yes I'm one of those night owls who like a vampire sleeps during the morning hours of day, and frankly had no expectation of writing a post for today.

That is until I clicked on one of the most important sources of posting ideas I have used for some three years now that being UK Gay News.

What I read was enough for me to make one last cup of coffee, turn off the local news on the TV, light up a cig and write this farewell to a valuable news source for many around the world.

I had wondered if something was up as the last link posting which had been on UK Gay News was at the beginning of January. And to be honest I was fearing the worst for the founder and operator of the website Andy Harley. I got to know Andy, as much as one can, through emails after, oh it must be four years now, he picked up a link to a story I had done on another blog I was publishing. At that time I found his email address and thanked him for the link and that started what can only be called an invaluable source of contacts and news ideas.

So it is as of today that Andy Harley has offically retired and will deal with his on going health issues and has put to bed his beloved website after a ten year run. That's Andy on the right side of the photo holding the UK Gay News banner at an event which this writer has been unable to identify.

For those who are unfamiliar with his website, it mostly linked to articles and news about LGBTs from around the world. He also had an excellent working relationship with UK LGBT activist Peter Tatchell and worked with the Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alexeyev and his website GAYRUSSIA.

The three of these activist/journalists worked together to coordinate and present unparalled news coverage of the LGBT demonstrations which have taken place or attempted in Moscow over the past several years often putting themselves in harms way to do so.

Andy has noted in his very brief farewell on his website that UK Gay News has "merged" with Gay Star News which will pick up Andy's sword of news gathering for the world's LGBTs. Andy also thanked all those who have supported him and his website over the years.

But it is us who owe you Andy a debt of gratitude for your service of ten years bringing the world's LGBTs together one link at a time.

Be well, take care, enjoy your well deserved retirement and thanks for making my job a bit easier as publisher and writer of Focus On The Rainbow over these past three years. You and UK Gay News will be sorely missed my friend.

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