Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Host Sean Savoy Talks To FOTR

Tonight I'll be talking with Sean Savoy whose 30 minute program House of Savoy was booted from Reno, NV radio station KKFT-FM on August 12.

Sean will be given the opportunity to tell the whole story about the show being removed by station owner Jerry Evans (no relation) after Savoy did one program on LGBT issues with activist Will Kolb.

Savoy has returned to Reno's air-waves with his House of Savoy show now heard on KJFK-AM.

Our show tonight can be heard LIVE at 9:30 PM (PT) and at 12:30 AM early Wednesday morning in the Eastern Time Zone.

You'll also be able to hear a replay anytime after the show has aired.

Was the show dropped because KKFT-FM is a conservative talker or was this a clear case of homophobia at work in making programming decisions on what can and cannot be heard on a local radio station ?

Station owner Evans when discussing the "hate email" he had received after the show was dropped and GLAAD got involved was quoted the following in a September 10 article at the Reno Gazette Journal, "these people - these precious people - think that it's an affront to their something or another. They seem to think they are deserving of this. The show was on for a year and the few times I heard it I thought "well this is weird".

UPDATE - 9/19/12

Here's the link to the show so you can listen to the replay.

Read an extended article about the interview at Focus On The Rainbow - WordPress.
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