Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pink Paper Ends Its 25 Year Run

It's always a disappointment when yet again another form of media decides to fold its tent whether print or digital.

So it is that the website and former print paper, Pink Paper (not to be confused with the website Pink News) announced on Tuesday it was ending its 25 year run of providing LGBT news.

Media director Kim Watson of Pink Paper publishers MPL commented: “With a hardening economy, diminished job advertising and increasing global online news services covering similar stories, it has become harder to justify continuance of this award-winning website as part of our publishing portfolio.

“We have chosen instead to focus our energies on our main print and digital brands GT (Gay Times) and DIVA. We thank the community, staff, advertisers  and especially our readers for their support over the years and hope they will find the same valuable support and information from GT and DIVA in future.”

The paper was started in 1987 as a weekly newspaper, then in 2009 switched to an on-line only format to continue delivering the news to the LGBT community in the UK and around the globe.
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