Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roland Martin vs The Pink Police

I'm sure many will find fault with this opine but then I don't write to please the masses, quite the contrary, I write for the like-minded out there in LGBTdom and perhaps beyond.

Prior to going to work Monday afternoon I Googled to see how many websites and blogs featured the Roland Martin debacle which occurred Sunday during the Super Bowl and none to my surprise (and even when arriving home after work) the story hit the blogosphere and websites, both LGBT and mainstream, like an avalanche cascading endlessly from the top of a mountain into the foreboding abyss of a crevice.

Which brings me to today's opine of how it is, no matter how small a thing is done or perceived, someone, somewhere will find something which has been said or written against LGBTs even in inference, innuendo or matter of joke.

I have to wonder if there are folks out there who have nothing better to do than to constantly check and monitor social websites be they Facebook or Twitter or any number of others just looking for something to be able to cast a spotlight on anti-gayness.

Are there those monitoring any number of a variety of people or groups for what they say in written form, link to or post a photo of which can be deemed homophobic even if not intended as such but in the eyes of the beholder becomes such. Today's zealots of protecting the LGBTs are worse than anyone involved in the Salem witch trials or even the McCarthy era.

Just who was it who first saw that tweet from Martin and then went running to GLAAD like a cry baby to his/her Mama, or even worse who at GLAAD is monitoring to see what is said or perceived to be against LGBTs ?

With all the things of more important relevance going on in the world, not just with LGBTs and true anti-gay brutality and political or religious agenda, but also the state of the world as far as economics, political strife, people being shot down like so many dogs while rising up against an oppressive government, on Sunday and into Monday and who knows how much longer, the sights of the Elite and others are focused on Roland Martin and his tweet, tweets if you want to add in some others which were noticed after the first "assault" against gays and the "suggestion" to do harm to said individuals.

How many others were there in Tweetdumb, regular folks who may have written something which could have been or was indeed a repulsive notation on LGBTs ?

But you see boys and girls, in the grand scheme of things regular folks don't count because they have no notoriety and don't make headlines either on LGBT blogs or websites, nor for orgs like GLAAD and have nothing to gain by brow beating a singular individual of nothingness, instead it's the big fish they troll for (that's a fishing term for you uneducated) and go after to gain their own notoriety when calling for boycotts or dismissals from careers.

Be careful friends and foe of LGBTdom, yesterday Roland Martin, tomorrow it could be you because they are watching. Its not the year 2012 but 1984 where Big Brother wears pink.

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