Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newspaper Says No To Gay Couple

All Cody Renegar and his partner Thomas wanted to do was place an engagement announcement to share with family and friends in the Northwest Arkansas Times but when Cody contacted the paper to get information on how to have the announcement placed he was told NO ! .

According to a report by KNWA-TV someone at the paper told Cody he could not place an announcement and in a statement from the publisher, it is their policy to only print announcements for marriages legally recognized by the state, and Arkansas does not acknowledge same-sex marriages.

However if one goes to a website version of how to place an engagement, wedding or anniversary announcement nowhere does it say same-sex marriages are disqualified.

Unfortunately this is nothing new as over the years even with same-sex marriage and civil unions approved and celebrated in several states this anti-gay bigotry by newspapers carries on.

If you would like to offer your support to Cody and Thomas you'll find contact names, phone numbers and email here for the newspaper including that of Publisher Rusty Turner and newspaper group President Jeff Jeffus.

Hat/Tip for this story to FB buddy Bruce Gillispie.
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