Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rob Wilson ... Come On .. um Down

So in a possible effort to .. ahem .. boost ratings The Price Is Right has added a new model.

Instead of the T & A variety we'll now have P & A or as commonly known, Pecs and Abs.

After having open auditions for male models to be part of the show and with viewers picking the final hunk, the winner is actor and model Rob Wilson.

While it's a temporary gig, it could well turn into a permanent display of manliness set next to the formerly named stable of ladies, Barker's Beauties.

Now, and in no uncertain terms is this writer suggesting that Mr. Wilson is, well you know, but what with the host of the show being gay and having fellows sitting at home in the morning why not go after de gay to boost viewership.

You can only watch Thomas Roberts on MSNBC for so long and besides he's taken now.

So why not watch some new beef in the morning to get an up start to your day.

Now a word from our sponsor, Budweiser de Queen of de Beers.

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