Thursday, May 23, 2013

If You're Celibate You Can Donate

Two years ago when I had my second operation to repair my severely damaged hip due to a car accident not only did the surgery go unexpectedly long but I loss a considerable amount of blood.

That afternoon/night back in my room I was given two units of blood.

Not once did I think or worry about the blood what with the testing for a variety of things including HIV.

In the US gay men are still barred from donating blood.

But Canada has just lifted its ban but with a catch.

You need to have not had sex with another man for five years.

Now how they will enforce this rule is beyond me.

Will Big Brother now monitor gays through all seeing eyes and keep tabs on their sex lives ?

And what about women ?

They can contract AIDS/HIV as easily as men can but no one talks about banning them from donating blood.

Gay and bisexual men continue to be the scapegoats in polluting the much needed donated blood supply.

As I wrote I didn't give it a thought when I needed the blood, nor would I have if gay and bisexual men were allowed to donate. Obviously I needed the blood .... end of conversation.
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