Sunday, July 22, 2012

Singer Beccy Cole Is "Out"

Sometimes you happen to go on the Internet at just the right time as "breaking news" is erupting in Aussieland that country singer Beccy Cole is announcing just before her 40th birthday, yes I'm a lesbian.

According to adelaidenow .... on Australian Story she will make the revelation and told The Advertiser deciding to do so was like a "weight off my shoulders".

"I'm a little bit scared, my heart is pounding but at the same time it feels right," the former Blackwood primary school student said.

After a brief marriage to fellow musician Mick Albeck, Cole said she made her "personal discovery" when her son was less than a year old.

"For me it's obviously been a really long journey ... in that sense it's been the longest coming out ever.

Welcome home Beccy .. welcome home.

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