Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Birthday Without My BFF

A little while ago I went on the FB page of the niece of my best friend.

I rarely visit her page even though we're FB friends. Next to her name was "Bonach" something I and others always called Bill.

Seeing his nickname caused my eyes to well up and are still as I write this.

Last August while I sat in the recliner in the livingroom waiting for the ambulance to come when I was having a heart attack, I looked at the photo of Bill and I taken back in the 90's in the backyard of my house.

I looked at Bill and I said ... "I'm may be joining you soon ... be waiting at the gate".

Today I celebrate my 59th birthday, that's six birthdays without Bill and six very long years.

A day doesn't go by I don't think about him, the fights we had, the laughs we shared and as close to being brothers as two guys can be.

My Dad always called Bill his adopted son, and Bill always said he was the good son while I was the bad.

We were supposed to grow old together like two grumpy old men.

That wasn't meant to be.

But we had almost forty years of friendship, that's a long time to commit undying friendship to someone.

Best friends forever shouldn't be abbreviated because the true meaning is anything but short and lives on even when one passes before the other.

The memories I have will never leave and I believe we'll be together again one day.

Birthdays are suppose to be happy days.

Now they're just another day to mark his passing.

Thanks for being my Best Friend Forever.

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