Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bully The Movie Rating Fiasco

My blogging friend NG wrote and complained few in the LGBT blogsphere and Gay Inc are doing much to raise a skunk's stink over the MPAA's rating of the movie Bully an important documentary about the effects, sometimes deadly, of bullying on young children and teenagers.

The MPAA has given the film an R rating because of the use of the F-word in one sequence of the film.

As NG noted, why aren't "We" ripping HRC, GLAAD, GLSEN, and PFLAG a new asshole.

GLSEN hasn't posted one damn thing about the movie; Nor has PFLAG. GLAAD posted an update on Katy's petition but has not taken any action themselves.

As for the HRC, While they have an online petition, that's about the extent of their involvement.

The Katy who NG mentions is Katy Butler a teenager from Michigan who started the petiton to lower the MPAA rating to PG-13 so teenagers will be able to see the film without having to be "escorted" by an adult. Like that really happens in most movie theaters anyway as the aforementioned are more interested in tickets sales than enforcing MPAA ratings.

Bully will open in theaters March 30. To voice your opposition to the rating of R, I prefer the more direct route rather than, albeit with best intentions, silly Internet petitions.

You can contact the Motion Picture Association of America by calling:

Washington, DC - (202) 293-1966
Los Angeles - (818) 995-6600
New York City - (914) 333-8892
Chicago - (708) 660-0481

As one commenter wrote at the YouTube page for the trailer of Bully:

FUCK KONY 2012 !!! This is the real movement.

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