Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tom Judson Lives His Life With AIDS

Tom Judson, actor, composer, musician and author has written a post at HuffPost Gay Voices describing his living with, rather than dying from AIDS twenty years after getting "that" call from his doctor.

The gay plague is not the death sentence it was so many years ago but with that being said there is still no cure nor prevention other than abstinence or taking sexual activity precautions.

Judson wrote his book Laid Bare which was published in 2011 based on his life experience as an legitimate actor, musician and yes of course his days as gay porn star Gus Mattox.

The HPGV writing gives one man's perspective who unfortunately far too many gay and bi men can relate to with honesty and thankfulness.

As he concludes in his essay, Sadly, I lost Bruce and most of my friends. I even outlived the World Trade Center. And much to my surprise, I was around to celebrate as the 20th century slipped into history. But I'd have to say that of all the milestones I've passed since that shocking morning two decades ago, the thing that pleases me most is that I lived to see Cats close.

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