Thursday, July 16, 2015

Behold The Champion Caitlyn Jenner

In 10 minutes Caitlyn Jenner has done more for persons of transgender than has ever been done in all these many years I've been writing about LGBTs.

She used her spotlight on ESPN's The ESPYS to bring hope and understanding to countless many, young and old, who identify as T.

She got applause in all the right places and a standing ovation at the end. Tears in the eyes of some and near tears in others. I was struck by the expression of Kiefer Sutherland when the camera happened to be on him in what can be best described as taking it all in and truly understanding that what Jenner and others go through to be who they are is not an easy road to hoe.

There was much speculation and criticism that this would be one big publicity stunt on the behalf of Jenner what with a new reality show upcoming and ABC/ESPN as a ratings pusher. And well it could have turned out that way but the winner in all this is the community of the T.

Minds will not be changed overnight, some will never change, but a more graceful champion of transgenders has not been seen before. No brow beating, no chest beating, no controversy for "the cause". Just an eloquent display of humanity, from one person to another person.
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