Monday, July 14, 2014

Ian Thorpe Has Come OUT of The Pool

Unless you've been living under a rock this past weekend you know in an exclusive Aussie TV interview Olympic Gold Medalist Ian Thorpe came out.

Praise and niceties were the word of the day in congratulating Thorpe but that didn't last long as now of course as always there are those who fault him for staying in the closet in the first place or taking so long to exit.

How many times (too many for me to remember) in the many years I have written on this blog in its various forms and in my way of being a "protector", that those who find fault need to shut up and understand the old saying "walk a mile in my shoes".

No one is required to be on someone else's time frame as to when and if they come out particularly when one in the public eye.

I've oft said it's not what one needs to fear from straight folk in their opine but those within the LGB community and that is the shame of it.

So Ian I say this ... screw what everyone else thinks and has to say ... be happy and Welcome Home Ian Thorpe ... Welcome Home.
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