Monday, July 27, 2015

I AM CAIT .. I'm pleasantly surprised

To be very honest when I first heard about the upcoming program about Caitlyn Jenner I wasn't going to watch. I'm not into all those silly celeb "reality" shows which are enough to nauseate anyone except those who like to stand and watch the remnants of  a motor vehicle accident. But this being Monday evening and nothing else on I figured I'd give it a go and most likely change the channel in 10 minutes as all it's going to be is one big poof (no pun intended) piece about Jenner deciding what wardrobe to wear on any given day.

I didn't watch the Diane Sawyer interview at all nor Jenner receiving the ESPY award on ESPN until after it was aired. Well  I Am Cait was one of the most enjoyable programs I've watched.

Already in the first episode viewers have the opportunity to see the struggle anyone who is LGBT goes through. Deciding whether it's worth to be true to ones self and what the cost and consequences of doing so might be.

It was good to see the support Jenner has from family and friends but as the show's dialog reveals some may not yet be ready, if ever, to understand and accept Jenner for who she is.

There were more than a couple of times I had to take a deep sigh particularly when Jenner talks one on one with her Mom. And then when she travels to talk to a mother who lost her transgender son to suicide.

This I believe and hope will be the epiphany of what this program can do. Show not just trans kids, as important as that is, but all kids and adults for that matter who are coming to terms with their true self that it may not an easy road to hoe but perhaps by learning from others most things are possible. And have them understand if they need help get help with what they are dealing with rather than sitting and thinking about an irreversible act of which no one benefits.

If the producers of the show and Caitlyn herself are willing to take on that challenge then perhaps at least one person can say "this is who I am and that's okay", and then this program will be worth its weight in gold. To wit I say good luck with I Am Cait and all that it can do.

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