Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anita Bryant Galvanized A Movement

There she was in all her bible thumping glory in the late 70's fighting against homosexuality using every venue at her disposal to show the Evil of de gay.

Anita Bryant though unwittingly became the "best friend" we as a community could have had.

To say that her resounding anti-gay bigotry backfired on her is certainly an understatement.

Once the Queen of orange juice and a popular singer all came crashing down in flames when she lost everything except her contemptible hated filled stance on gays.

There have been many incidents and people against LGBTs who have brought a call to action to protect this community but none more significant in her time than Anita Bryant.

For that we owe her thanks and gratitude in showing how the haters won't defeat us .. ever. 
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