Sunday, August 26, 2012

Governorship Next For Neil Giuliano

Out and proud former Tempe, AZ mayor and head of GLAAD is now out and about touting his book The Campaign Within with some speculating that Neil Giuliano's political days may be far from over.

Giuliano who is currently head of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation said at a recent event in New York, "What I’m doing now is listening to a lot of folks in Arizona, and there is a need for leadership, especially in the Democratic Party."

"We need other voices in Arizona, so it’s not a definite yet, but I want to see how I can make a different, further contribution."

That's giving some to wonder if he might throw his hat in the ring for Governor sometime or perhaps even Congress which would delight the Rainbow crowd but what about the Mormons and the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but then he does like pink.

While Giuliano said he's happy to be in San Francisco and with his work with the SF AIDS Foundation, others speculate he may take a look at a run at the US Senate sometime in the future what with R-Senator Jon Kyl retiring and if the Democrats can't win the seat in November. The Demos haven't sent a senator to Washington, DC since 1998.

For now of course this is all "a hope, wish and a prayer" for those in Arizona who have taken a liking to the multi-time elected official but it would be a hoot and then some if an openly gay Governor, Congressman or Senator was elected in the "conservative" Grand Canyon State.

It just might make the ultra-conservatives decide to take a header off the Grand Canyon rim.

Read the full article about Neil Giuliano written by Winnie McCroy at EDGE.

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