Saturday, January 14, 2012

Darnedest Things Said About Fags

The video below is making its way around various blogs from the nauseating elites to regular folks.

And let's face it this is nothing more than a self-aggrandizing self-promoting publicity "let's see how many will post it" video for Lambda Legal ... oh be sure to click on the website as shown in the video and donate of course.

All that said in a capsulized form it is worth viewing what some of the less intelligent, bigoted and homophobic folks who walk the planet say about the ghastly homosexuals who push on the norm of society their illicit and against nature agenda.

Problem is there are many equally stupid morons walking the planet who buy this nonsense spewed forth like so much vomit.

To wit I would ask those who spread this faggot hating gospel and believe it the following, "are you naturally stupid or does it come from inbreeding ?"

Before you write that check ask what Lambda Legal has done for you lately.

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