Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jose Soto And The Gay Report

When I planned to continue Focus On The Rainbow in this stand alone format one of the areas which I decided not to do was a long litany of listings of other blogs or websites.

However there are two which I have added which you should bookmark if you're tired if the never ending BS from the LGBT elites.

Those two are The Jose Soto Show and The Gay Report both presented by Soto and others, who like this writer, are not afraid to comment on news as it affects LGBTs without the usual "kiss butt" spin which the elites often do to appease their readers. Another which has been added to the short list is CROWOLF and also NG Blog which has been stirring the pot of hypocrisy for several years and often comes under attack by the elitists for doing so.

Needless to say we in this minority of LGBT writers and presenters may not have the greatest following and that's okay but when you're tired of reading the usual spin from bloggers and orgs who worry more about getting advertising stipends or contributions to continue their website or org and having your comments attacked when you don't agree with the status quo, one of the best kept secrets in the LGBT blogosphere is the alternative blogs and websites which puts a voice to those who don't subscribe to the idea that the Rainbow should be dictated on how it should be by elitists.
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