Wednesday, January 25, 2012

De SOTU Ain't Gay Enough WTF

First these elite fools found fault last week with Ryan James Yezak and his video about de gays.

Now one of the elites John Aravosis is complaining the word gay was used only once during the Prez's State Of The Union address. Don't worry by the time you read this others will follow suit and also complain because Obama didn't say lesbian, bi, transgenders, transsexual and ?ing.

Aravosis wrote in part, Wow. This is kind of a let down. I honestly thought there'd be more than this. The President mentions the word 'gay' once, in passing, that's it, nothing else.

The best part of the piece at AmericaBlogdeGay is this comment from reader Matt ... ah an enlightened reader who must read this blog also to wit Matt says, It is the state of the union, not an address to the HRC after all.Kinda makes me why somebody in the glbt movement doesn't do their own "GLBT State of the Union".

You know when the LGBT Elites write or say something as Aravosis has they don't realize how dumb, stupid and ridiculous they are outside of their coveted readers.

Think I should tell them .... nah then I wouldn't have as much to opine about.

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