Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elmo And The Emos Who To Believe

The fella who was Elmo on Sesame Street is making news again today.

This posting isn't about the news nor him but about using some common sense in life when it comes to LGBT youth.

I'm not a trusting soul by nature, I choose my "friends" carefully before adding them into my life either on a simple or more meaningful basis.

I've seen too many others get "burned" through "friendships" and have learned over the course of my life lessons of their mistakes.

So I would imagine over the years many have called me friendly but aloof for the most part and that is fine with me.

In today's world of social media folks need to be even more careful.

I have denied access to my FB to potential "friends" who I feel are to young (less than college age), in fact I haven't "friended" any of my "fourth-generation" cousins because a great deal of my postings and links to articles and photos are "for mature audiences" and/or in the case of LGBT links those who are mature enough to understand the content.

This is the world we find ourselves in today.

When I was a kid it was great (and safe in my case) to have an adult mentor. That can't always be said today.

Friending a youth today, even with the best of intentions, can become a double-edged sword if that youth suddenly turns on his/her mentor, which may or may not be the case with the Elmo actor.

One dosen't have to be high-profile to have their world turned upside down by accusations, false or true.

But I for one don't even go near the water to find out. The shame of that with so many LGBT youth being confused about where they are in life, they have one less mentor who would be just that, a mentor who would try to help rather than take advantage.
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