Friday, August 17, 2012

No Pain No Gain No Spin No BS

Not everyone is up for my cup of tea of opining and commentary.

This isn't some coffee shop, NYC braggart blog nor any other multitude of blogs which plays kissy-butt with its readers.

When I first got into the sports reporting biz many years ago I learned two things.

Report accurantly and don't be afraid to "shot from the hip" when offering opines.

I had two mentors in that philosophy, one a former head of the ABC Sports Radio Network and the other Howard Cosell.

While I never had the pleasure to have met the latter I always admired his style in offering unabashed "tell it even if it hurts" commentary. You either loved or hated Cosell, I the former.

So it is with my commentary with all things LGBT and more.

I don't blog to win popularity contests nor to get a gazillion readers or followers. I do it to speak my mind even when it goes against the flow of the norm to make everyone feel good and placate readers.

You either like or despise my writings .. take me or leave me the choice is yours.

With that in mind this commentary on the recent FRC shooting will likely anger many but then common sense and truth often does.

As Cosell did, I'm just telling it like it is.

I love all the rehashes on blogs, websites, FB, etc about what FRC and the like are and do.

Shit if people don't know by now they never will .... Slow blogging days comrades ?
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