Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#SCOTUS #Prop8 #DOMA #Equality

This almost 60 year-old man decided a very long time ago I would never marry after almost having done so half a lifetime ago.

To be honest I have no dog in this fight.

As a bisexual man I can marry a woman if I choose.

As a bisexual man I can marry a man if I choose because of the state I live in.

However as a bisexual man I would not have the same legal rights when it comes to federal benefits, tax breaks and a multitude of other issues were I married to a man rather than a woman, nor would my spouse.

People get turned off when they hear the word "rights".

Then let's change that to, "I can too".

I'm never overly thrilled when federal, state and local governments stick their nose in my business. That's not a political stand on my part but a long time personal belief and observation.

However I also don't believe in others sticking their nose in my business, telling me what I can or can't do because of their personal or religious beliefs.

We have a great irony in our Country at this time.

We have more people in support of allowing people to own guns which can kill a great many people in one incident than we do supporting those who would like to marry those they love.

We have more people worried about their Social Security checks, Medicare and unfair taxing than we do supporting those who face unfair and unequal taxation and disallowance of benefits because of who/what they are.

Another word people don't like to hear is "equality".

Then let's change that to, "I can too".

There is more to the arguments presented before SCOTUS than two people of the same sex being allowed to marry.

There is a litany of issues afforded to those who can marry and what the Federal government defines as what is and what isn't a marriage.

Rights, no.

Equality, no.

I can too, yes.

It really is just that simple.

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