Friday, January 20, 2012

Santorum/Gingrich Will Beat Obama

As early as it is in the primary season, after watching the Republican debate in Charleston I do believe I have seen a turn in the tide and my "political junkie gut" has erupted.

Besides the now "almost official" official tally of Iowa in which Rick Santorum has beaten Romney by 34 votes, remember a win is a win, Thursday night's debate was the strongest outing (no not that kind) for Santorum.

All that piffy-piffy about Newt Gingrich's second wife and her claim of de Newt wanting an open relationship had some of the CNN experts saying that will hurt de Newt with the women folk.

Oh really ? ... remember all the potty-poo when Clinton was running for office, didn't seem to hurt his bid any. No, Thursday night and up until I was seeing Romney as the Republican candidate, but something within erupted and I now see a Santorum/Gingrich ticket and one which this writer who has covered politics could very well beat Obama this fall.

Between the two of them they can pull voters, including Tea Baggers and the Conservative Right, from all sides and middle of the Republican party. And that ticket could very well take key states to get to the magic electoral vote count.

Now I've been wrong before, however when it comes to political predictions I've been correct more often that wrong. If this holds true right through November remember you read it here first.

The above being said before the South Carolina primary and now that Gingrich pulled off an upset thanks to that debate one thing for sure it is going to be a longer Republican Primary season than most have expected even in this early running. And the final decision may come down deals made in smoke filled backrooms as to who will end being the GOP ticket.

In any case when all is said and done we need a ticket which can defeat Obama.
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