Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beth McDonald Supports LGBTs

Phoenix radio station KEZ 99.9's morning host Beth McDonald has told the Catholic Church, NO ! and will not be hosting a charity event after members of the Catholic Community Foundation questioned her support of the gay community.

McDonald who was to participate on April 21 during the Phoenix Gay Pride Parade told the Arizona Republic newspaper "I had to take a stand".

The CCF was going to honor former and disgraced Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien until abuse victims and families complained and then he opted out of "the honor" according to the article.

McDonald told Donna Marino the chief executive officer of CCF "the gay community has my support".

Brandi Sokolosky, executive director of Phoenix Pride, said that even though the church does not support gay causes, many individual Catholics do. She said that McDonald backed out of this year's parade a week after her participation was announced because of a conflict but that the organization would like to honor her next year.
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