Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cost Of The Perfect Body

My friends over at Best Gay News have done a five year followup article about the death of Brett Mycles, bodybuilder, fitness model and adult film actor.

Mycles whose real name was Robert Sager died of a heart attack on February 25 in 2007 which his alleged use of steroids and fat burner supplements may have contributed to a family history of heart disease. Days prior to his death he had complained of an irregular heartbeat.

In January of this year an article appeared on the Internet about a survey taken by gay and bi men who would "trade off" several years of their life to have the "perfect body" for a longer period of their life span. CROWOLF wrote a commentary on the subject as did this writer taking a more personal view of the matter.

Gay and bi men have been living in the image age of being pumped up and getting those six-packed abs since the 80's, which in this writer's opinion was not just one of appearing sexy but to hide one's sexuality. After all that guy who was built like a brick shithouse couldn't possibly be gay.

Eventually that gave way to the appearance of being randy and ready for some hot sex as images in gay magazines and adult films portrayed.

When getting to that point went far beyond the gym and adding body building enhancements which had been done by athletes is when the dream of the perfect body started to become a nightmare for some and with deadly results.

Which brings us to the question are you willing to risk all no matter what for that perfect body or are you willing to settle for what you have or can achieve in the weight room alone ?

Unfortunately there are still many out there who would risk everything "to be perfect".

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