Monday, February 6, 2012

GLAAD Wants Roland Martin Out

Well it didn't take long for GLAAD to react to a perceived homophobic tweet during the Super Bowl game on Sunday by CNN's Roland Martin (you'll find a link to the tweet in Sunday's posting about the Super Bowl here ... hat tip to NGBlog for the tweet link I received via email during the game).

GayStarNews (which has replaced UK Gay News as one of my international sources for story ideas) reports that GLAAD is calling for the dismissal of Roland from CNN for the tweet.

Don't hold your breath kids as although GLAAD like an aging lion thinks when it roars the media listens they have more gum than teeth nowadays.

According to the article, Martin dismissed all the criticism, noting his words had no bigoted intent. Instead they were a slap against soccer as a sport. He added anyone who followed his Twitter account understood his disdain for Beckham's sport.

Yeah okay Roland but how about folks, like myself, who don't follow your tweets and your "history" of disliking soccer.

Should Martin be fired ?

In this writer's opinion no, others have done worse and still keep his/her jobs in the media, but this tidbit of advice to Martin, if CNN gives you 30 seconds of air-time for an apology do it and get this behind you before the Elites really blow this out of proportion, then my friend there will be no turning back and it may back CNN into a corner and then, God forbid, you'll be working for Faux News.

Update - since this posting went up at 2:30 AM this morning, Steve Rothaus at The Miami Herald has reported that Martin used his twitter again around 10:30 AM to offer apology and explanation.

Now can we move on to more important events in the US and the world ?

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