Sunday, March 25, 2012

de Hollywood Gay Series

On previous versions of Focus On The Rainbow which appeared at Hearst Newspapers, OutLoudBlogs and a stand-alone version (now all deleted unfortunately) I ran an off and on series of postings about de gay in Hollywood and how "progressive" Hollywood treated members of their own for being out or forced them stay in the closet because of studio bottom lines.

These postings won't be ones of gossip, but instead using archival news sources to show how Hollywood turned its back on LGB actors and actresses while many in power were LGB themselves.

"Box office poison" is how out or perceived to be gay actors were treated and can we say in the grand scheme of things while today we do have out and proud Thespians, has the glass ceiling really been broken for the out and proud of Hollywood while others stay in the closet to continue to work.

Included in the series will be "success stories" of some actors as they have overcome their personal challenges (such as Bai Ling) but most of the writings will take a look at the darker side of Hollywood's past (and in some case present) where one can sit and wonder aloud, has anything really changed.

The postings have a special link to all postings in the series in the banner header at the top of this blog. The first posting and subject is Brad Davis the star of the film Midnight Express who had AIDS and had to hide that fact in order to work.

Below are two videos from Joe Soto about "The Gay Mafia", pro-gay campaigns and the "corporate takeover" of de gay for profiteering under the guise of "being gay friendly".

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