Friday, September 28, 2012

Ain't No Such Thing As A Bisexual

So here we are, and we've been to this rodeo before, this time with some "expert" by the name of Dr. Qazi Rahman as interviewed for the website GayStarNews by writer Gareth Johnson in which the good doc says straight women are potentially bi and bisexual men, well you know as you bi-guys have been told by the figgits all these years we hardly if ever are the real deal.

In doing a study which involves proclaimed bi-guys viewing porn they hardly if ever get it up watching gal-on-gal action but the peter rises to new heights when watching guy-on-guy.

He also is of the opinion that straight women in his study are ready to go into orbit watching de guys, de gals and de gal with guy ergo they really aren't straight at all but bi or at least capable of being so.

Lesbians have no fear they only orbitized when watching the ladies have at it.

Of us bi-guys he says, "However the prevailing scientific view is that bisexuality in males doesn’t physiologically exist."

As far as de gay goes dey are .. but wait he also has some wisdom about the T and don't get your knickers knotted up at me, he's the one who makes the following statements.

"It’s very rare for someone to identify as trans. And the smaller the population available to study then the harder it is to identify the specific biological signals that have a material influence on the development of someone’s sexuality," says Rahman.

"Even though we don’t know a lot about the biology of trans people, we know enough to be confident that it’s not caused by social factors, that there is a biological explanation."

"There are a couple of brain studies that suggest that trans people have differences in those parts of the brain that direct an individual’s sense of gender identity - tiny neural clusters or triggers that are somehow aligned to the female gender."

"One slightly random fact is that we know that trans people are more likely to be left-handed."

Now I'm never going to look at a south-paw baseball pitcher the same way again.

Look fellow bi-guys, screw 'em, they're jealous we can get it on with any body.

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