Thursday, March 29, 2012

The NOM Debacle Overkill

On Monday, March 26, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a bombshell against the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) group when HRC obtained internal NOM documents showing NOM's strategy back in 2009 for winning its war against same-sex marriage.

Since then just about every LGBT blog and website, both credible and of the Elite type has reported on this story at least once, once being the optimum word.

But just as the mainstream press often does the LGBT Elite know when they have a "good thing" to browbeat to death for their readers even when there is no to little new news to add except offering opining or dissecting the dissected.

Big story, of course, worth days of examination and re-examination, no.

Of course that won't stop the Elite who will no doubt carry this story on into next week and possibly beyond as if there is no other news to re-report from actual LGBT news websites.

What will not help in this continuation was the unfortunate screw up on Wednesday when MSNBC's Thomas Roberts was to interview former NOMer Maggie Gallagher and she was a "no show" because someone put her in the wrong studio. According to Roberts' tweets she is re-scheduled to appear tomorrow (Friday - TAKE 2) provided MSNBC links to the correct studio this time and this will prolong the browbeating through the weekend and most likely into next week for the Elite.

Let me make it perfectly clear as one infamous President once said this is an important story. What has been brought to light is both vile and contemptible but at the same time should be of no surprise and is par for the course for an organization like NOM.

But, and what the Elite and others fail to see, is this now beyond the initial story coverage does nothing to hurt NOM but gives instead free publicity and a continuing platform of defense in regards to their cause of stopping same-sex marriage.

Publicity when turned into an attack on NOM becomes priceless, both in the cost of advertising what NOM believes and gives them the chance to play the victim of homosexuals who challenge NOM's effort to save and protect marriage deemed to be for heterosexuals only.

NOM at this point will not only be playing the victim but be playing the LGBT press and Elite because NOM knows the story will not easily die down for the aforementioned. Just as high priced prositutes or con men play their clients and victims.

And that is something anti-gay organizations and groups are pros at.

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