Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Bulging Short Shorts WTF

So what better way to get de gay to come to your country and vacation than to show white short shorts with a bugle as the photo to the left shows.

Well it seems de bulge got to be a bit embarrassing for the Aussie board of tourism for the Gold Coast as has been reported by GayStarNews.

As the article reads, A photo of a man's bulging pants has been pulled from the latest campaign of Australia's Gold Coast tourism board because it didn't want its bid to attract more gay travelers 'reduced to a crotch shot'.

Well heavens what's wrong with that ?

Gold Coast Tourism (GCT) were using the close-up of a man in tight white swim shorts, with the tagline ‘Check out our impressive packages’, to promote the area as a destination for the LGBT community.However, it was dropped after attracting unwanted negative news coverage.

GCT director of communications and marketing services, Ben Pole, told the Mumbrella website, that the image ‘did not represent the tone and style’ of their campaign.

It certainly works for Palm Springs, Ft. Lauderdale and lots of hotels for de gay around the US.

Well I guess that means no naked boo-de-aye shots will be used either.

Oh you Aussies, we know what your eyes are looking at.

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