Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Horror Story's Special Lady

Well I guess it takes a pretty woman to bring me out of blogging retirement and introduce to you, if you haven't already met one of the "stars" of the new season of American Horror Story.

In the new run of AHS titled Freak Show there is this rather tall gal who towers over everyone in the cast and whose rather homely look hides more than the real beauty beneath but also her very nature of being a woman.

Erika Ervin also know as Amazon Eve in the modeling world stands well over 6 feet tall and has in this writer's opinion legs which just never stop.

Ervin who is also a fitness trainer began life in Turlock, CA as William and transitioned from male to female in 2004. She appeared in the TV show Funny or Die in 2011, Family Tools in 2013 and the Netflix series Hemlock Grove also in 2013. Now she plays one of a group of performers with special attributes in AHS because of her "less than natural" height.

It's not often a trans person has been cast in film or TV and it's refreshing to see that FX and the producers of AHS are "pushing the envelope" by casting Ervin. It will be interesting to see what the overall public reaction will be as folks find out that this gorgeous she was once a he. Hopefully we have come along far enough to see an actress other than what those with narrow minds would call "a freak".

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