Friday, April 6, 2012

Apple & Microsoft Fight NOM

Well boys and girls, visitors of all ages and sexual identity, if you got sucked in by the headline as PT Barnum once "said" there's a sucker born every minute.

Too bad the sucker in this case is MSNBC's Thomas Roberts one of our two Rainbow anchors at the peacock subsidiary.

Hasn't been a good couple of weeks for Mr. Roberts as last week he called out Maggie Gallagher of NOM for not showing up for an interview .... OOPS ... she was in the wrong studio and now MSNBC's gay blade (as opposed to lesbian blade and yours truly favorite the Maddow of Rachel) got sucked in by a story about Microsoft and Apple teaming up, or marrying as the story goes, to have NOM boycott their companies. WTF !!

One problem the story was satire.

Whether Roberts or his staff or both is responsible for this boner, it's getting to be like the Elite bloggers copy/pasting from one to the other and then finding out they have gotten wrong or incomplete information which they pose as news .

While its been great to have Roberts on for his hour show and who by in large does a good job, too many screw ups and there may be an opening during the 11 AM to Noon (ET) programming slot at MSNBC. Credibility in newscasting is everything and tolerance for errors only lasts so long.

Oh hell do what we use to do at CBS and blame the interns.

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