Monday, March 11, 2013

Quinn The Dyke Who Would Be King

The often caustic Councilwoman Christine Quinn has thrown her thorny crown into the New York City mayoral race.

Being in Connecticut frankly I could careless about NYC politics but there are those who are not so great fans of Quinn particularly in the Rainbow World.

NG Blog based in the boroughs of Gotham has an interesting take on this bid for Gracie Mansion.

While current mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg seems more concerned about being guardian and parent to all in Hitler like fashion and tries to control the life of those who live in Gotham in example proclaiming how much soda one can intake, will her Dykeness also try to control the lives of LGBTs for instance how much mascara dykes can wear and color coordination of clothing for gay men. Will the T have to wear designer jockstraps while the Bi are exiled to New Jersey ?

Only time will tell, but if you believe this broad can become the Mayor of Gotham then I have a bridge for you to buy in Brooklyn.

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