Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blow Me A Big Kiss My Sweet Lovey

So we have Ted Koppel discussing Faux News with the homophobic Bill O'Reilly and pointing out Faux News' bias in reporting a Conservative agenda. Of course MSNBC reports the Liberal side of bias with its talking heads and CNN tries to fall in the middle with "news reporting" rather than talking heads .. uh .. tries.

Mind you this conversation is between an award winning and respected journalist and an egotistical former school teacher who thinks that everyone bends on the hot air he blows out of his lips while opining "fair and balanced" bullshit.

Sometimes although not often it can be worth watching Faux News, but then again the good stuff usually pops up on YouTube eventually.

So here's to Koppel as he blows off the blowhard O'Reilly with an air kiss .. can it get any better ?

Yes if Koppel had farted in O'Reilly's face.

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