Friday, April 13, 2012

de It Gets Better Evolution

Well we started the work week with Joe Jervis and his little dick no neck minions making fun of Tim Tebow and his Easter Sunday service appearance in Texas, how about we finish out the work week with a little laugh.

Yes boys while they say being LGBT gets better and as important that message may be to young folk and those in the closet and I'll add my two cents here, it depends on your personal circumstances and shouldn't be used as complete Gospel in my opinion, the video below is a better guide to "all things are possible" for your life in the future.

But remember even if things don't work out, well there's always the vibrating sex aid to help your partner or .. ahem .. yourself to reach that ultimate satisfaction in which I'm sure even atheist Joe Jervis on more than one occasion has yelled OH MY GOD !! .

Just remember one thing when you turn 80 you'll be sitting down to pee.

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