Saturday, April 21, 2012

Susan Ungaro Returns Award

So they're writing that Michelangelo Signorelle caused Susan Ungaro of the James Beard Foundation to return to the Boy Scouts of America an award, The Distinguished Citizen Award.

Signorelle wrote a piece at Huff Post's Gay Voices in which he criticized her for accepting the award because the BSA prohibits gays and lesbians from participating in the organization. And according to Signorelle who obviously had a seance with the late gay James Beard, Beard would be very unhappy that she accepted the award for her work with the James Beard Foundation, which has awarded nearly $4 million in financial aid, over the past 20 years to high school students and adults in transition, seeking to pursue a culinary school education.

Shortly after the commentary appeared on Gay Voices Ungaro returned the award to the BSA.

To wit this writer says shame on Ungaro for giving back to the award. The award is not about politics but achievement and in particular work done in terms of financial aid given as described above to high school students and adults in transition. It says nothing about whether those helped have to be nor cannot be LGBT.

Once again the LGBT Elites and their Holier Than Thou attitude reeks of the narcissistic cesspool from which it comes. BTW when is Joe Jervis going to give back his award to The Village Voice ?

Is it any wonder that there are some, indeed many who would like nothing else than to see LGBTs moved to another planet, or Hell in the case of religious zealots.

And on a personal note, having participated in my youth with the Boy Scouts of America, I fully support the BSA and what they do for youth. That they have guidelines as to who as an adult can or not participate may not be fair in the eyes of LGBTs, it is a private organization and can set forth whatever guidelines as to membership it seems fit even now in this day and age as those guidelines have become "socially political" in nature.

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