Monday, April 23, 2012

Cher & Chaz At GLAAD Awards

Good grief, and I thought gals and yes even guys had huge Afros when I went to high school but Cher how many Brillo pads died to make that hairdo !?!

In any case Cher made a surprise appearance to honor her son Chaz Bono at the GLAAD Media Awards held in LA this past weekend.

While I'm no big fan of GLAAD as regular readers know because of the orgs narcissistic view on all things LGBT and its over indulgence in self-importance it is nice to see them honor Chaz for all he has gone through transcending to his true self while many scoffed and ridiculed him for doing so.

And of course kudos to Cher and her eventual understanding and continued devotion to her son, not to forget her long time support to all things LGBT.

Now if GLAAD could just get out of the politics of LGBT and their kissy-ass footsie approach to Hollywood how much better an org they would be for all of us. Alas that's not going to happen anytime soon, so for now and at least in this instance, GLAAD you at have done one thing correct with your honoring of Chaz.

Even the most asinine of asinines do on occasion come through and show how good they can be.

Too bad it never lasts though ... but as they say ya gotta have hope.

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