Monday, May 21, 2012

Hate Crime Against Lesbians ?

So back in October of last year a lesbian couple in Colorado said someone painted "Kill The Gay" on their garage door and then the next day they found a noose hanging on their front door.

The pair Amiee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin said when asked why anyone would do such a thing that it could be because they don't pickup after their dogs ... poop I presume.

So outraged were the bloggers (and others) in LGBT blogdum that cries shouted out that a hate crime had been perpetrated against the pair.

Fast forward to now as the pair have been charged by local police for staging the whole thing. WHAT !! How could this be !?!

The pair are being accused of criminal mischief and filing a false report with Whitchurch also charged with forgery.

Of course the pair deny such allegations but have also said NO ! to a lie detector test.

So if these allegations prove to be true will all those outraged bloggers and others carry this Part Dux of the story or pretend it doesn't exist ?

Try the latter rather than the former boys and girls.

Elites like their face and will do everything to save it rather than admit .. oh shit were we sucked in !

Thanks to GayStarNews for putting up the story.
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