Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Vanity Does In Luka Magnotta GUILTY

Accused murderer Luka Magnotta may have been caught in Berlin Germany because of his own vanity.

Arrested in an internet cafe Monday afternoon it's been reported Magnotta may have been surfing the net looking for news and articles on websites and blogs about his alleged hienous crime of killing and dismembering Jun Lin a purported cross-dressing lover of Magnotta.

An international manhunt for Magnotta had been underway since May 26 when it was reported Magnotta flew out of Montreal to Paris. At the time it was thought because of his previous travel history and familiarity with Europe he could be hiding and "blending in" anywhere and using aliases as he has done in the past.

This narcissistic sociopath has been caught before he could kill again but will more bodies turn up as his past is investigated is the question to be asked.

Was a murderer caught before he could become a serial killer or is the death of Jun Lin only the tip of the iceberg, only time will tell.

The above was originally posted 6/4/12 and today 12/23/14 justice for Jun Lin was served with Magnotta found guilty of his murder as reported by Reuters.

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