Monday, June 8, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Welcome To The "T"

The accolades flowed when the long awaited first look of Bruce Jenner transcending to Caitlyn Jenner came to view. But as she soon found out the accolades of congratulations can quickly turn to mean spirited comments from none other than the "T" which on many occasions devour their own.

One has to wonder if there is a "T" God or Goddess one has to bow to before "coming out" and in the case of Jenner in all her makeup and airbrushed glory.

If history has shown us .. the collective LGB  us .. while there are a great many in the world of "T" who are supportive of each other, there are those and usually the ones who are lucky to pass as ugly men in drag, it is the latter which have the highest degree of nastiness against their own.

To wit I say to Caitlyn when being assailed by them ... fuck 'em ! ... and enjoy your life from this moment forward with nary a look back. And if you can make a buck or two along the way hats off to you.

With your fame both now and pre-Caitlyn comes responsibility as your "reality show" can open many an eye and at the same time offer hope to those who are in need.

You've come a long way baby ... now go for the gusto which your life now offers.

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