Friday, July 27, 2012

Gayle King vs Erica Hill

Yet another dumbass move at my former employer CBS Broadcasting as it's been announced that Erica Hill is being replaced by former NBC correspondent Norah O'Donnell.

The always last ran morning show on CBS latest scapegoat is Hill. Well here's an eye-opener for CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager, you're getting rid of the wrong gal, in fact the one gal who makes watching the most boring program on early morning TV worthwhile.

The one you should axe is Gayle King who is abundantly ill-fitted for being a morning host just as she was being a news anchor at Channel 3 (a CBS affiliate) here in Connecticut for so many years.

In fact I would bet my last dollar if it weren't for her BFF Oprah Winfrey she would never have gotten past Hartford, CT broadcasting much less end up as the dead leg of a tripod morning anchor team.

While everyone hopes for advancement in broadcasting, when Hill announced she was going from her news reader position on AC360 at CNN (where she was woefully under used) to CBS I said to myself, "I hope she has thought this out well because the sharks really bite in the Black Rock waters in NYC and are unforgiving".

Hopefully she'll land on her feet with a better job either at Mother CBS or she could do well at MSNBC as many of the talking heads over there need to go ... sooner rather than later.

Fager you just go ahead and keep making the mistakes you're doing with the CBS Morning Show. Not that I don't think adding O'Donnell is a good idea but you have your head up your ass dumping Hill instead of King.

And by the way can you do something with that God awful set. Sometimes I don't know if I'm looking at a morning news show set or some version of the deck of the Starship Enterprise. May your tenure at CBS News continue to spiral downward.

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