Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guess Who Came To Dine

Well we regular folks who live in Fairfield County, Connecticut are use to the rich and famous in our neck of the woods and up into Litchfield County.

Heck there was a time when Robin Leach of Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous fame lived just a tad couple of miles from me with a "lakefront" home on Candlewood Lake. The quotes around lakefront is because between the house and the lake were a multitude of gawd awful steps down a steep bank to the waterfront. In fact because of the "modernistic"flavor of the home (which really didn't fit in with the homes in the hood), that long walk down to the water and the price he was asking at the time kept the house on the market for much longer than he probably anticipated and had to sell it at a much reduced price when it did finally sell well over a year or so later.

So when celebs who do or have lived in our County, mostly in the southern part or up in Litchfield, with the likes of the late Paul Newman (wife Joanne Woodward still lives here), Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, the late Eartha Kitt, Henry Kissinger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mia Farrow to just name drop a few it really does become old hat. Many of us old timers have called our area Hollywood East just because of all the names and money which has come and gone probably since the hay days of early Hollywood.

So when on Monday POTUS, otherwise known as President Barack Obama, came calling for money and dinner it was really just a big .... sigh for many of us. First he attended a fundraiser in Stamford at the Marriott for upwardly mobile folks at a mere $500 a head then the big bucks dinner for the big bucks people and celebs at $35,800 a head at a "real" waterfront home in Westport, that of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein which was co-hosted by the lovely Anne Hathaway.Pity I didn't have the money to attend as I would have liked to of seen Joanne Woodard again who I last saw back in the 70's when I covered the racing team Paul Newman raced for.

Good grief I'm beginning to feel like a gossip writer.

Of course the teabaggers were at the Marriott to "greet" POTUS however his visit was not without some controversy as the beloved Sherwood Isle State Park in Westport was closed so POTUS could land his Air Force One helicopter. Nope he didn't win any friends with that stunt.

So while the Commander-in-Chief rub shoulders, ate, wined, dined and schmoozed, life for the rest of us regular folk just went on.

Good thing these events didn't take place in Greenwich as he may have been dining by candlelight and eating burgers and hot dogs cooked outside on the BBQ just like us regular folk do.

So it goes, just another day in Western Connecticut aka Hollywood East with our well-to-do neighbors. And rumor has it Tom Cruise may be coming to the hood too.

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