Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Ryan That's Amore

The LGBT Elites will be having fun with the Mitt Romney - Paul Ryan GOP ticket so much so I can hear the screams of ecstasy as I write and at this time of the early hours of Saturday morning the official announcement hasn't even been made yet.

Both GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans should be out over the weekend with their say on the ticket and in the short and long run, the opinion of those two groups is all that matters .... not that of socialist Cheetos stained brats who will opine and continue to wave their stained Rainbow flag for POTUS.

While this ticket may not be enough for the GOP to take away the White House, it surely will make for interesting conversation, not from the slanted Liberal press as what they will say will be redundant and old hat, but from the Conservative side of the Fourth Estate.

Will the addition of Ryan be enough for Conservatives to enthusiastically jump on board or will their vote remain one of "anybody but Obama" ?

And not taking very long to react both GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans are pleased with Ryan's appointment as Romney's running mate.

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